Go Fish.

We go fishing every now and then.  My father in law has a small boat and we’ve gone out on the ocean over the years and always had fun.  We usually bring home dinner as well.  I’m not an expert but I know what it feels like to reel in a big one.  I’ve caught some pretty big fish and yes, I do have photos to prove it.

So it’s no surprise that I own a small tackle box and a few fishing poles although I’m not exactly sure where they all came from.  I have to admit that I had never really used them.  Well, I might have used the tackle box but I wasn’t even sure where it was when my wife asked me if I had one.  Anyway, after a quick once over my father in law stated our gear was serviceable to catch fish so I thought.  LET’S GO FISHING!

I told my son we could go out on the pier at night and see what we could find.  He was so excited.  We gathered our gear and loaded up the car.  We were going to head out to Port San Luis and see what we could catch.  It’s a cool place and I was stoked we get some alone time with him.  He has three sisters so it’s important we get man time every now and then.

We stopped on the way for coffee and hot chocolate.  While I was there I checked for bait but there was none to be found.  No worries, I had some lures and they might work so on we went. As we got closer to the pier my son asked how we were going to get the fish home.  I let him know I brought a small cooler but in my own head I was doubting we’d need it.

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Take time to listen.

My oldest daughter is almost 14.  Just reading those words after typing them blows my mind.  It seems like she was just a baby yesterday.  I was always told that time flies and they’ll be grown up before you know it and sure enough, they were right.  She’ll be a freshman next year and we are finishing up on a lot of life lessons.  She’ll need to spread her wings soon and I want to do my best to make sure she is ready to soar.

A few weeks ago she and I had to go out of town for a soccer tournament.  This was her first time playing at the club level and I was excited for her.  I remember the first time I played on a club team.  I remember the nerves and the worry and how the fast the game became.  I wanted to go over all of that with her but I didn’t want to add any anxiety that she may already have.  We had a 4 hour drive ahead of us and I decided it would be best to just ask questions and listen.  So that’s what I did.

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It’s all about fatherhood.

Hello.  We may have already met.  Well, what I mean is that you may have already read one of my blogs.  If you haven’t there’s no need to worry.  This a a great time to get started.  I’ve finally decided what I want to write about.  This blog started out as a class project a few years back and I thought I would keep it around as a creative outlet.  Over the years I’ve had a few sporadic posts usually prompted by my own musings but have never had any real direction.  I believe to a certain extent that is why I have floundered so much.

So, without further ado, I’ve decided to write about fatherhood.  It’s one of my greatest responsibilities and something that I dearly love.  I also know that there are tons of other men out there that want to be the best dad’s they can and a useful tip every now and then can go a long way.  Now, I’m not saying I’m the best dad ever but I had one of the greatest examples ever growing up as well as a great group of guys that I am constantly learning from.  Above all else I have my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as the ultimate example and I want to share my experiences and insights with you in hopes that you can also be the best dad you can be.

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Sometimes there isn’t even a notification.  I’ll check my phone, swearing I heard or felt an alert and there is nothing there. As if that wasn’t bad enough I work at a computer all day with the freedom to have multiple windows open.  A few of those windows are always Facebook and Twitter.  I see the indicators that there is a message and I’m compelled to click or I might miss something.

I was a very early adopter to digital media.  It’s something I’ve always enjoyed and I loved to be in the know.  At one point, when Blackberries were still cool, you could reach me a million different ways.  I had BBM, Twitter, Email (several accounts), SMS, Facebook and of course you could call.  I had custom alerts for each one so I knew what I got without even looking.



Today I’m so connected that I’m constantly being interrupted.  The problem is I don’t see them as interruptions.  I see these alerts as fuel for my creativity.  I see new ideas, posts or thoughts and it sets me off into my own rabbit hole.  Just as I’m getting ready to really dive in there I get another alert, another idea and another rabbit hole.  I’ve dug so many but none are very deep.

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Storm Chasing

If you have never done it before you should.  For those of us that call the central coast home it doesn’t happen very often which makes it even more of a treat.  This past weekend we were treated to one of the greatest light shows you will ever see.  The tricky part is knowing when and where to watch it.  I have a good friend that loves lightning like a fat kid loves cake.  I heard rain drops falling on Saturday and rushed outside to cover my Bronco.  I happen to take the top off earlier this month because there was no way it would rain and of course here comes the remains of a hurricane.  Go figure.  Anyway, the rain drops that were falling where big fat ones and the air was hot and humid.  As I attached the last bungee cord I saw a flash in the clouds to the south.  I smiled and knew George would be texting me soon.  As I walked through my front door I heard my phone go off.  Sure enough, it was George.  He asked If I was down to go storm chasing and I answered, “Of course.”  He was watching weather patterns and radar images to see when we should head out.  It so hard to predict an electrical storm!  The elements have to be just right and they can vanish just as fast as they start.  The weather forecast said the main part of the storm cell should arrive here around 4 am.  He called at midnight and said it was time to roll. With our cell phones,  portable chargers and a GoPro we set out to see what we could find.  The lightning had started but it was to the north and we were trying to decide which was the best direction to follow it.

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