Travel woes and stir fry…

So this week I’m heading to Orlando on a business trip.  I’m actually looking forward to that part.  Monday is my travel day followed by two days at the convention, then a half day and travel home.  Seemed simple enough.  Only one layover each way and no red eye flights.  What could go wrong?

Last November I ended up on a three day blur of a trip the week of Thanksgiving, red eyes included, and had some tough travel days.  The trip itself was well worth it but it was hard.  This trip seemed like it would be soooooo much better.  I got into the office this morning, went over some final items with my boss and had lunch with him before heading to the airport.  Once I got there I realized that I had the wrong cord for my phone.  Well, it’s not the wrong cord but it’s not the best cord.  I have a portable charging block and I can’t use my home charger for it.  I have a special charging cable for when I travel but it was left in my car.  At the time my car was 1 mile down the road but I wasn’t going to have a coworker bring it to me.  It’s a small thing and I’d survive.

Then my flight got delayed.  It can happen.  They are airplanes and sometimes there are hang ups.  I get it.  The only problem was that I had a 85 minute window to catch my connecting flight in Phoenix.  I had already checked my bag against my wife’s advice (more on that later) and I could just see me ending up who knows where any my bag lost in space.  My plane was supposed to leave at 12:42.  It left at 2:27.  In my head I’m thinking I’ll have to run to the next gate.  I hope I make it.  I hope my bag makes it.  What if one of us doesn’t?  I was also hoping there were several people also on that flight that were on my plane.  Maybe the airline would delay a little knowing that there would be several people that needed to connect.

We landed at 4:46.  Now when I say we landed I actually mean that the wheels of the plane touched the ground at 4:46.  Based on the terminal map we also landed at a different terminal that was as far away from the one I needed to get to as it could be.  Go Figure.  Needless to say.  I didn’t make the flight.  I was honestly ok with that.  It happens.  I then had to decide between take a red eye and get to Orlando at around 9:30 am or get a room and get there at 4:30 pm.  There was also option to fly to LAX and hope I got a connecting flight but that just seemed like a bad idea.  I called my boss and wife and decided to go for the red eye.  I’d done it before.  I could do it again.


That’s my plane pulling away from the terminal….

So now I had a 5 hour layover and a $12 food voucher.  So while sitting there trying to decide if I should find somewhere close to go explore, try to freshen up a little (no bag remember) or just sit there and watch netflix for the next 5 hours I looked up and saw the greatest sunset. It was really awesome and I just took a moment to remember that God is watching over me and that there is beauty in every situation.  With my renewed joy I decided I’d go explore.


So I found a buffet and took an uber there.  Wasn’t far, avoided a surge and had a great conversation with a fellow uber driver.  Food was great and I found some healthy choices.  It’s a goal to get in shape so this is a big deal for me.  You can hear more about that on my podcast.


Tummy full and after a brief deposit in the little boys room I’m feeling pretty good.  Time to head back to the airport and relax a little.  I’ll even use that $12 voucher to get some snacks for the next leg of my trip.  I was also told I have another breakfast voucher waiting for me in Dallas.

Here is where the real adventure starts.  I request another uber.  It’s a prius.  I should have cancelled it then.  Nothing good ever happens in a prius.  As he heads toward me I see lights and hear sirens from several emergency response vehicles.  Bad omen number two.  He picks me up and we start driving.  We then approach those lights and sirens that are no longer flashing.  Once we get to the intersection, they all light back up turn on the horns and take off at a breakneck speed.  Where they heck are they going?  Who knows but I should have jumped out of the car then.  But I didn’t and we had another great conversation on the way to the airport.  So great in fact that when I got out of the car I left my phone behind.

I actually figured this out right away.  I tried to flag him down but it didn’t work.  So I ran inside, opened my laptop and tried to get connected to the wifi.  I’m sure all the security cameras where focused on me.  I went to to locate my phone.  Not because I didn’t know where it was but because I wanted to make it ring.  I made it ring and I was able to leave a message on my phone pleading with my driver to come back.  I kept refreshing only to see him driving away.  I was thinking in my head, you know I’m an uber driver, we are on the same team and you better come back or I will find you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.28.41 PM

After what seemed like forever he came back to find me only to pass by and miss me again…..

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.28.54 PM

I was able to update the message on my phone though to let him know I was there and he came back.


The message I was able to display for the uber driver on my phone. Pretty sweet.

After all was said and done I was reunited with my phone, I’m going to get a snack and my next flight is listed as on time.  What a day and even though it’s not over it’s going to get better…..I think.  Here are a few tips for your next trip.  These are not in any particular order but are equally important.

  • Make sure you have the basics to survive on in your carry on.  It’s ok to check a bag but just have what you need to survive on you at all times.
  • Make sure you have device recovery stuff setup on your phone.  If you have an android you can do this here.  If you have an apple you need to google it and if you have something else go buy an android.
  • Make sure to have a spare pair of chonies in that carry on.  I sure wish I did.
  • Deodorant and wipes may not be a bad idea either.
  • Carry some cash,  some in your wallet and some in your carry on.  That way if you lose one you still have the other.
  • Setup google or apple pay on your phone.  Same point as above.

I’ll let you know about the rest of the trip once it’s all over.  In the meantime, listen to my podcast, eat good food and hug someone who loves you.

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  1. tshawwriter · January 9, 2018

    Sounds like a country song 😉


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