The Greatest Gift

It’s 11:30 pm and I think I have a combined 10 hours of sleep over the last 48 hours.  The house is a mess with the remains of Christmas strewn everywhere.  There are blankets littering the floor and couches with a cat laying on one, curled up like a king. I just realized one of our dogs was still outside too.  Glad I heard him since it’s hovering just above 40 degrees outside.  The lights on our Christmas decorations are still lit and my new Billy Holiday record is playing softly in the background.

Coming into this Holiday season we had some very large life decisions looming overhead.  We were considering a move out of state and it looked like it was a very real possibility it was going to happen.  We had begun researching the basics of the Boise area and found a lot of really cool things.  We began to prepare mentally for the move and after some initial talks I was ready to uproot and go.  My sister asked me, “How likely is it that you’ll move?”  I thought for a moment and replied “90%”, but also mentioned that I didn’t want to say that was for sure.  There was a lot to consider.

Over the next couple of weeks I prayed a lot.  I was asking God to speak into my heart and just point me in the right direction.  My poor wife, weary from the pros and cons lists, finally told me it was up to me.  She just couldn’t do it mentally.  It was too taxing.  You could tell it was weighing heavy on the kids as well.  Deep down I knew they could adjust but was it the right thing for us?  Was there something out there really worth leaving everything behind to pursue?  This was the million dollar question.  Was what was out there worth what we’d give up here.  Namely, our family and friends.

I’ve mentioned in the past my fear of failure and didn’t want to allow that to influence this decision.  I wanted to be willing to take the leap; if I really felt that was the right thing to do.  This was my biggest problem.  Neither decision was bad; just different.  The prayers continued, talks with close friends, listening to bible studies and just waiting in silence.  After several weeks I could feel the Lord telling me we were supposed to be here.  That He had a purpose for us and he was just getting ready to reveal some new things just over the horizon to us.

I felt this weight lifted and I was so excited.  I shared this decision, unexpectedly, with my wife, kids, and friends over some fried chicken.  The news spread quickly that we were staying and I was greeted with hugs from so many folks; happy to hear that we were staying.  We still have several questions to answer.  We are still moving out of our home of 13 years and that will come with its own difficulties but once again I am waiting on the Lord to speak to me on what we should do.

After spending today with family and enjoying the simple pleasures of life (I don’t think a single gift required batteries) I’m exhausted.  Everyone is asleep and I really should be too.  Tomorrow we are having breakfast with my inlaws.  At noon one of my best friends will be cutting my hair and after I’ll be going to the movies with my daughter.  This week I’ll begin recording a podcast with a long time friend and the retired warden of our local prison is creating a training plan for me so I can get back into shape.  I’ll be moving into a new ministry at church and my wife is going to help me.  These are the reasons, priceless in every way, which have anchored us to this little town on the coast of California.

I’m happy to say that I’m a rich man.  Not because I have a lot of money because we all know that isn’t the case.  It’s because I have family and friends that are so special and unique that they can’t be replaced.  They are truly so important that having them is enough.  I’m so blessed and I’m just really thankful to have be given such precious gifts.  Gifts that you can’t buy.

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  1. tshawwriter · December 26, 2017

    Love every bit of this! Excited to listen to this podcast!


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