Start small

“Go big or go home.”  I don’t know how many times I’ve uttered those words.  If you grew up in the nineties where the X Games and Mountain Dew reigned supreme you know what I mean.  It was this quest to do things bigger and better than those before us.  I remember being glued to the TV as I watched Tony Hawk attempt to land the 900 for the first time.  Attempt after failed attempt he got closer and closer.  It was like everything was standing still and then he landed it. It was crazy and I was awe struck at what he had accomplished.  The idea of being the first person to ever do something was mind blowing.

What you don’t see is the years he spent learning how to skateboard.  The hours spent repeating the same tricks over and over until they could be done in his sleep.  There was a day when an ollie was a big deal for him.  Then maybe when he got really good at that he tried a kickflip.  Today I can picture in my mind this gradual progression that started from some kid with a skateboard to a history making moment.  That’s when I look at my own goals and ideas and take a step back.  I need to start small.

San Luis Obispo California

The long journey ahead


I’ve got so many BIG ideas but more often than not that’s all they are.  Just ideas.  They rarely become a reality.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out why that is and I think I’ve finally sorted it out.  I’m a perfectionist.  Now those that know me may think I’m crazy.  It’s not that everything has to be perfect.  It’s that I can’t handle failure.  In other words I don’t mind if the journey is a bit messy but if I’m not sure I can make it to the finish line I’d rather just not start.  It’s something that has paralyzed me for years and I’m trying to get passed it.

So I’ve got a few projects that have opened themselves up to me.  I’ve decided it’s time to set up small goals and go for those.  I’ve heard it can create momentum and then you can really make progress.  So here were are with a long road ahead of us but I’m only going to worry about my first few steps.  If you happen to read this and are so inclined please share what first step you’ve been waiting to take.  Maybe we can get started together.



  1. tshawwriter · December 7, 2017

    THIS IS SO AMAZING. My first step was finally becoming a blogger. 🙂


    • Workshop Joe · December 26, 2017

      Thanks. You’ve done a really good job too. I so enjoy reading your writing. Keep it up. I ordered my podcasting mic today and new pair of training shoes. Baby steps….

      Liked by 1 person

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